Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"

Damn good.

Awesome compilation of songs. My only beef is that some of the otherwise slow songs were sped up. Aside from that... HUGE points for throwing EWJ in here. I plan on listening to the rest of your concertos. =)

Very nicely done.

Hey, just wanted to say that you got all these songs very well transposed, but...I mean, I myself made a tetris theme as well as the song of storms and....It sounds exactly the same, XD..... Perhaps you could actually add different sound effects instead of just the piano, because if you took the time to do that for every song, it would be simply amazing. You did a really nice job on each of these, but it could simply be SO much more.


goods songs

wat the dutch guy said would be like this

nice song.
it's cool to hear the songs go after eachother with....
how do you say that...
the little songs are concerning each other? (srry i'm dutch)
i say it in a other way. it's nice to hear all those songs in 1 song.
and it fits. so good job. its going to be in my favorite.
i liked the zelda songs the most. especially 1:12 till 1:35.
i love that song.
that's why i'm going to give you a 8/10 :D
no just kidding.
because all the songs are completed in 1 song.
that's why.
good job.
(i'll vote 5 if you respond on this :D)

thats wat i think he said well am off
bye really good am going to envy your piano skills Keep getting better!


my phone went off when the tetris music started and my phone has tetris on it lol good job by the way and i liked the bowser song best