Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"


This is so cool, I just didn't like how fast you played some songs, but see why you didn't change tempo, so I wont take off for that. Also it sounds like your slamming down with full force on the keyboard keys haha

Good Job

on super smash bros brawl it has sometin like this and i liked it, hadnt found 1 like this since now 10

I loved it

I liked it
but I wish you would do a track with only >
>Ocarina of Time songs
that would be so friggen awesome
but all in all it was good!


its not the best but yeah...


Actually the death mountain wasnt Ocarina of time, it was dark world death mountain from a link to the past, or four swords, But complaining aside, THIS WAS AMAZING, WAY TO PLAY SONG OF STORMS!!!!!