Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"


It's music ive heard but yet reborn into a awesome creation of awesome
well done, well done

darphfluffy responds:

hitman reborn


The only one that i have never heard before was earthworm Jim, but this , likethe rest of the concerto is a masterpiece!


i never herd halv o dese songs but dey are r tght.
im givin u my props dood!!!!111


half of the songs you played i never played the games to those songs but its still awsome

Pretty nice!

I was so happy to hear Korobuschka! (TETRIS!!) Its a great song! Im sure this all took a while if you wrote it all in yourself. I do feel a few pieces are too fast to be fully enjoyed, but then again it gives you a flash of nostalgia, and lets you hear the songs in a new way. Great Job!