Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"


Insanely good. I don't see any ways to improve this one.
Beginning to 0:30- Majora's Mask intro
1:12 to 1:36- Song of Storms from the N64 Zelda games
3:07 to 3:58- Tetris A music
7:58 to end- Bolero of Fire
No idea about the rest.

darphfluffy responds:

first, thanks

second, you did pretty good.


Awesome, Nice Piano Playing I am amazed!

darphfluffy responds:

thanks man! check out demon march for better playing.

Nice one

Ok. This is a bit harder than the last. I'm not even gonna try to guess. (Actually, it's mostly cuz Im too lazy to keep pausing and type the review answers) Also, I cannot believe that I missed a song from Banjo Kazooie in part 1! I thought I knew it. The song is great. As I listen to it as I type this review, I can just imagine my self playing the game. (Even though I was born when It was the N64 era) Also, I appreaciate the Super Mario RPG song. Thats about it. Keep up the good work!

darphfluffy responds:

haha, yeah, this one is a lot harder, there are some songs nobody will get.

Desu Says

It's about time I've been waiting!

darphfluffy responds:

haha, thanks man


It taks a while to get to the good part, so shortening the inro wouldn't be a bad idea; i like 1:12, that Toon Link theme from Brawl. it reminds me of the Pirate Ship haha!

darphfluffy responds:

it's a concerto, you don't like all of it. besides, i love the intro because it leads into the hillbilly sounding part. but thanks for the review man.