Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"


w00t more legend of zelda stuff and TETRIS nobody ever does tetris anymore good on you

darphfluffy responds:

Good on YOU

great, but like people said, some listing flaws

these two i am sure of.
#10: it is in super metroid, but it's upper norfair. might be in the original (like black-mage-nuke said) but i don't know that.
#13: like harmonicdiscord said, from LttP, not OoT

darphfluffy responds:

Ok good for you. thanks for the 10 bro


Good job, congratulations!

darphfluffy responds:


This is very well done.

Some of those songs you listed are wrong.

#4 is actually the Map Selection screen for DKC2, not DKC.
#9 is the theme for the route/path/road/level to Bowser, not his theme itself.
#10 is Kraid's theme from the original Metroid, and is not heard in Super Metroid.

In any case, great job.

darphfluffy responds:

Oh well


song #13 is Death Mountain from LOZ A Link to the Past

darphfluffy responds:

Whateva man