Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"


A perfect 10 for the banjo kazooie part. B-K, The only games that is comparable to mario64 and zelda.

darphfluffy responds:

Thanks man.

I'm sorry...

But this sounds like you just imported multiple midi's to FL Studio and used the FL Keys VST. Not only that, there is barely any equalization on this mp3, as well as failure to keep the song from clipping. Hell, if you added any effects, my score would increase drastically for the simple fact that it'll look like you actually know how to work FL, but it seems you don't even know how to do that much. What you have posted is against the ToS, because you haven't added one piece of originality. =\

darphfluffy responds:

i'm sorry you're the only one who feels that way. your opinion really matters

You Rock

So many games from the past.. so many memories.... I love it! :)

darphfluffy responds:


wow (your awesome)

yeah i play piano, but no where near this well good job

darphfluffy responds:

Don't underestimate yourself

fuckin great

o metroid is kraids lair
but who cares u fuckin rock

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