Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"

Legendary Music!

A love this peice very much because it is longer and has A LOT of loz songs. But between part 4 to 5 the transision was a little sudden and shaky. Also wtf is tetris in the list. Sure it is a AWSOME song and it was very famous. But Nintendo did not make it. You make a good choice though because the song can really stick out and makes you realize that games like that were very inportant in the history of videogaming. I am currently down loading all parts ( in order) of the ' the Nintendo Concerto'. But I suggest after making the 'Nintendo Concerto' you will gain enough fame that you should make up your own peices. Because Im cerious of people like you can come up with! If you are the Author thank you for reading my review! Even If your not, still thanks for reaking.



7 ... TETRIS

darphfluffy responds:

i like tertis


lots of fun to listen to. i think the sound is better this time around. going to go listen to part 3 now.

Another great piece of work..

ah...this made me wanna play banjo kazooie....!once more...you rock

Really Nice piece of work

Its been like 3 years since I last played LoZ ocarina of time. I finished the game, but I cant remember any Gerudo fortress in it. I can only remember the Gerudo fortress from LoZ Majoras Mask. lol. So I thought that the death mountain song was the gerudo valley song because thats how it kinda sounds in LoZ Maj. Mask. Stupid nintendo conked out on me when I almost finished Majoras mask.