Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"

good olĀ“ times...

i really love your nintendo concerto series, they are amazing!


people need to shut the hell up and stop pointing out trivial mistakes no one cares about. lets just join hands and bask in the warmth of bowsers theme song.

... Nice!

... However, I think that #13 is Dark Hyrule Castle, not Death Mountain... but still, I enjoy work a lot, and this piece just adds on to my enjoyment, ESPECIALLY with you adding both the Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time AND Tetris AND New Bark Town from the 2nd Gen. of Pokemon.

Awsome!, but...

why did you get rid of the time of when and where the song begins and ends.
If you ask me that was useful if someone doesnt like a certain song. But beyond that small detail. It's awsome, no ones done it yet. =]


A little fast on the Song of Storms, but hey! Sweet!