Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 2)"


ha ha ha, the first review, whut indeed. song/s sound cool buy the way.


nice song.
it's cool to hear the songs go after eachother with....
how do you say that...
the little songs are concerning each other? (srry i'm dutch)
i say it in a other way. it's nice to hear all those songs in 1 song.
and it fits. so good job. going in my favorite.
i liked the zelda songs the most. especially 1:12 till 1:35.
i love that song.
that's why i give you a 8/10 :D
no just kidding.
because of all the song are complete in 1 song.
that's why.
good job.
(i'll vote 5 if you respond on this :D)

darphfluffy responds:


realy great

first to the guy two post below there is a death mt on it also you fight a gaint ass dragon with the megaton hammer.
second this is a realy great song and i hope to hear more great works like this from you in the future


This would be cool to hear in real life. Are you sure Tetris is nintendo made?, because I believe the music is Russian. No marks removed for that though. I'll give you an 8 because you went through the work to write it all out. Not a perfect 10 because it's not original or instrumentised.
+*. Special Ed .*+

darphfluffy responds:

perfectly reasonable opinion. Glad you enjoyed it (I think)


I have just one thing. death mountain was from the LOZ link to the past. I would recognize that anywhere.