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Reviews for "Commercial"


i don't smoke weed but this was still pretty cool. And i know ur cool since u post in the bbs.

Jordanog responds:

thanx, i try. I'm actually high right now so... hey some_g


rather strange and unusual movie, but the song was great.

Jordanog responds:

I can't help but think u were influenced by the last reviewer...

ok i guess

the song saved it

Jordanog responds:

I see...

thats pretty awsome

cool man thats really funny, i think they should make a commertial colletion sector on NG. OK the fluentcy animation is good and the idea of the flash is strong. But (theres always a but)deatail of the animation is lacking almost a 10.

ok keep up the good work., peace

Jordanog responds:

yeah i got a little lazy on the animation. thanks for the good review

WEED!!!! (from the makers of crack) Hahahaha!

Nice Job!!! :) Funny! It was weird. But hey! I liked it! I'll give this at least a 4!!!

Jordanog responds:

Wow, third review in a row with weed as the title. thanks, i really need that 4. this might be the only movie i've made that hasn't been burned