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Reviews for "Commercial"


lol keep up th good work. Loved th music, went right along with th flash.

Jordanog responds:

thank you


This is your best flash yet but the background graphics were lame.

Jordanog responds:

you always gotta get the last review, don't you, rare?


this shit was 1 of the best parodys i ever seen...

Jordanog responds:

hell ya! thanks man.

yes and no

yes it's an ok flash, animation's fine, and the song goes well with it. But i'm offended that you would say weed comes from the makers of crack, dude. you compare people who lovingly grow dese plants from seeds or clones with care and fragility and nice smelliness to people that cook up shitty, nasty chemicals in a frying pan on their stove top in their white-trashville homes? I guess i'm just a prick. But right on for offering the wounded guy some weed. :D

Jordanog responds:

who's to say cooking up shitty chemicals isn't just as hard if not harder than growing a plant? but I'm just saying if they were actually made by major corporations, they'd probably be made by the same one.

Not bad... but there's stuff you can do...

You need to work on your walk cycles.. Your basic walk cycle includes the postion of the foot in it... your feet don't move at all, which sucks... cuase it's a cool concept.

Jordanog responds:

wish you would elaborate. my feet don't flap when i walk. i keep them pretty much parallel to the ground...