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Reviews for "Commercial"


I loved the end "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED, *from the makers of crack*" lol well i dont have time to write a full review sorry bye

It was a little medium good

Just a little. I'm not much on drug humor bc most of it is the same, but this was pretty funny. Keep it up.


lol, WEED! so randomly funny, but the guy without his legs still needs his 3rd leg for the girls, lmao... OMG! lol add this to ur animation, a girl steals is lower half to use the 3rd leg as a dildo, that would be so RANDOM! LMAO


Im high as well right now and im in tears from laughing so hard at this flash,it was really random and you gotta love the ending and i shall say it again...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! ^_^

Jordanog responds:

haha thanks man


Not bad. I like the tune that is used and the simplistics of the animation.

Jordanog responds: