Reviews for "Arthas"

Nice WoW fan art! :D

I'm not usually one to comment on fan art, but this one caught my eye. It has a feel like Arthas still has his humanity somewhere deep inside, but something allowed it to show for just a moment. Maybe an unknown time when he spared one person from the curse of the Scourge? Maybe a flower growing in the harsh cold of Icecrown? Whatever the reason, it is a doos reminder that there is a human somewhere in there. Somewhere...


But... the face under the mask look a bit to... good. I mean if you check arthas face after transformation he look very ungry and he face is kind of destroy. But anyway good pic anyway xD

Nice work

Nice job on the art for The Lich King/Arthas though i noticed right away that his eyes don't seem to have that same glow that they normaly do, regardless though that is a mighty fine job you did on the picture.


Nice.. but i only have one problem considering he controls the scourge and he killed his humanity... but i see his face too gentle or i mean i dont see the rage the hate. Like if someone has stolen his armor and wearing it on a portrait and giving it back :) but hey this is just an opinion nice one none the less. (sorry if i wrote something not grammatically correct english is not my first language)

Warrior killer

I'm loving the details on the skulls on the armor. The background really blends in w/ the character, brings out the lighting contrast neatly. This piece works.

Great Job, keep up the good work. 4/5