Reviews for "Arthas"


Sad story this man has, but it would (in my opinion) be cooler if you blackened the eyes out.

Nekow responds:

Thanks. I've seen so many pictures of him with his face blackened out. Just wanted to mix things up a bit.


THAT!!!!!!! IS!!!!!!! BAD!!!!!!!!! ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!


i liked when you said remember the man behind the mask,his eyes were blue light anyways(full blue wich means theres no pupil or something),the background is nice,the helmet was designed perfectly and at the end,its a nice artwork


this is absolutely amazing. very well done :). i liked that you made it more Arthas than Lichy


i don't need to praise your work cause everyone knows its already awesome, i can only say 1 thing and that is "WOW"

but 1 thing it did lack, when arthas had worn the lich kings armor, his eyes glowed, and could not see his pupil, i would have given it a perfect score if you had given arthas glowing eyes, but other than that, its pretty awesome