Reviews for "Arthas"


I really like it. It's also nice to see some proper wow art on newgrounds aswell, You did the armour perfectly, but i think id have preferred to see a more evil look from arthas. Also, the whole image seems to be like... boxed in? like, not wide enough.. for want of a better word -_-

Pretty good

The helmet face looks pretty wonky, though. It's like it got twisted about. If it weren't for that, it'd be a 10.

Not bad

It's a pretty good depiction. Only problem is that once he was wearing the Lich King's armor he had already had his voice in his head for quite some time. And that drove him insane, or more diabolical. His eyes make him look too peaceful. But it's good other than that.

Looks sick!

Love the coloring, but the thing that bothers me the most is; his head.
The details and the armor in itself is superb.

But, it seems like you drew the head-gear first, THEN drew in the face. This causes the facial proportions to be way off. The eyes are simply too far apart. It mostly his right eye, if you selected it and just moved it an inch to the right, it would make more sense.

Nekow responds:

Thanks, man. Changed it a bit, hope this helps!

Its pretty good

It would be perfect, but you got his eyes wrong, and the helmet seems a little bit warped, but other than that a good art peice