Reviews for "Arthas"


i liked when you said remember the man behind the mask,his eyes were blue light anyways(full blue wich means theres no pupil or something),the background is nice,the helmet was designed perfectly and at the end,its a nice artwork


This is great, but I can't help but think that he looks just like Overlord but with his face showing.

Nit picking

The only single thing i can find wrong with this is arthus` skin colour , his skin is white. He is dead after all

Nice WoW fan art! :D

I'm not usually one to comment on fan art, but this one caught my eye. It has a feel like Arthas still has his humanity somewhere deep inside, but something allowed it to show for just a moment. Maybe an unknown time when he spared one person from the curse of the Scourge? Maybe a flower growing in the harsh cold of Icecrown? Whatever the reason, it is a doos reminder that there is a human somewhere in there. Somewhere...

Pretty awsome!

Looks like a new animation movie is coming up!