Reviews for "Arthas"


This is great, but I can't help but think that he looks just like Overlord but with his face showing.

Nit picking

The only single thing i can find wrong with this is arthus` skin colour , his skin is white. He is dead after all

Nice WoW fan art! :D

I'm not usually one to comment on fan art, but this one caught my eye. It has a feel like Arthas still has his humanity somewhere deep inside, but something allowed it to show for just a moment. Maybe an unknown time when he spared one person from the curse of the Scourge? Maybe a flower growing in the harsh cold of Icecrown? Whatever the reason, it is a doos reminder that there is a human somewhere in there. Somewhere...

Pretty awsome!

Looks like a new animation movie is coming up!


I really like the detail in this but i think it would be alot cooler if you made him more rugged looking. His armor has a few knicks but he must be using moisturizers cause his skin is perfect.lol