Reviews for "Arthas"


i don't need to praise your work cause everyone knows its already awesome, i can only say 1 thing and that is "WOW"

but 1 thing it did lack, when arthas had worn the lich kings armor, his eyes glowed, and could not see his pupil, i would have given it a perfect score if you had given arthas glowing eyes, but other than that, its pretty awesome

One of your best...

What the hell is with some of the low scores? This is as good as anything Blizzard puts out in my opinion. Stellar work as usual Nekow old pal.

For the Scourge!

Nice job. I notice how he seems a lot more human under the helmet, not sure if that's on purpose or what. But I do love the weather effect and background you made. Gives the piece a real Northrend sort of feel.


this looks very dark-age although there's a excessive use of skulls. the soldier reminds me of sauron from lord of the rings. great job!


Realy good picture!!.