Reviews for "Arthas"

great pic

the only resone he showed the eyes and mouth is so they dont report for copyright ;)since it is just as good as the real one, even better then the real one

Arthas during his final battle in Northrend

I bet this is Arthas before he defected to the Scourge
He looks human but he did become a demon.
The lich king armor looks nice and also his helmet but
Arthas is near ash blonde supposedly has undead glowing eyes as in
no pupil, no iris but you still did well in making it


It is great! I really liked it, Arthas! its my favourite character in Warcraft!

Oh Arthas...

awesome just awesome im not even going to use punctuation its so awesome

Warrior killer

I'm loving the details on the skulls on the armor. The background really blends in w/ the character, brings out the lighting contrast neatly. This piece works.

Great Job, keep up the good work. 4/5