Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 1)"

Now, this could be called a concerto.



Great Song choices. Great interpretations.
Many of them bring back great memories... thank you..
i didnt really recognize the Banjo Kazooie but I loved the KSS Ending Credits, Dr. Mario, and Rainbow Road.
For some reason the piano sounds as if it needs some tuning..
Other than that the music was great!


amazing... thisis an awesome peice of work here. But I also agree that Dire Dire docks' tempo was a little fast. Loved Dr.Mario: fever section and I need to add that you may be the next generation Beethoven, except more video game related.
I swear, this combined with other composer's work I have seen on newgrounds would make peoples skulls go inside out! One question: how long did this take to make?

Dire dire docks

I must agree with Rfrankslinz about dire dire docks tempo, Otherwise, a good collection of classic and memorable songs from a wide range of games.


I agree with wouty you are a genius