Reviews for "The Nintendo Concerto (Part 1)"


Nicely done

oh and G-888? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. If you want to bitch about something, start a fucking blog or shut up!


You didnt even play these, or you sped them all up,10 fold
or you got them off the one website where you can get all of these songs for free in piano form, but I am sure you didnt even play these for sure

like all of nintendos concertos!

Love 'em all! 5/5 10/10
great job!

very meh.

Honestly it sounds like you slapped the scores from some MIDI files together and changed all the instruments to piano. It's definitely not been arranged properly for piano, some parts are flat out impossible to play on one piano in one performance. Maybe you transcribed this stuff yourself but it doesn't really sound like you did.

The song list is well thought out, I'll give you that much.

darphfluffy responds:

this was just the beginning. this is how i learned


I have no criticisms save that I think perhaps you could adjust tempo between sections, as a few of them seemed quite rushed. Other than that, fantastic!!