Reviews for "Stairway to Heaven 8-bit remix"

Pokemon, FF, or something man!

This sounds like it would be like the end of an old Pokemon game or a FF game. Now I wish I still had my Game Boy........ and that Mario game for it. XD

I'm a bit tune retard..

First gaming system I ever bought with my own money was a Game Boy. It came with 4 AA batteries and a pair of headphones and it has shaped the way I listen to music forever. Thanks of a great 8-bit transfer!!

sounds like

something youd here in zelda at the end

videogame song of the year

i read ShwiggtyShwo's review and starting laughing my ass off he has a point. but it is really good!!! i love it!

lol....princess peach...roflmfao


it does sound like i just rescued princess peach or something... but great job