Reviews for "Wasting Life"

Oh you.

This is cleaner than the usual lol. But awesome nevertheless.


Knowing the shaman he might make a fucked version of this


i am sencing possible lesbian vibes here. who knows, other then shad, the whte cream on the popsicle might not be vanilla filling.

What to say......

this has to b the least perverted artwork you done on women....which impressed me with the faces and the design u gave them personally. i say getting stoned and lookin at this makes me wanna draw a picture of my girl. nothin sexual though.....maybe.

P.S. the gay pictures you made confused me of your sexual orientation. not making fun of you just confused me bc you make gorish hot babes, shemales...... and some dudes. and apperently RAPE

lol. Had the same affect on me.