Reviews for "Wasting Life"

Rape ha

i completely agree with you,most of the time atleast.

Another fantastic piece

hmmm not sure what to take onthis one, but as for its drawing and art detail its exceptional, great {LOOK} into the camera view like they are scared so again in this one like that last you did show some emotion something i think these types of art should show so props to you on that, great {BACKROUND} work as always this had a more cartoony feel and that was actually ok, i enjoyed ut all, also am loving all the little {DETAILS} that seems to be missing from art on here like the sun glasses, the heart and so on, so nice work indeed, on another fantastic piece, i look forward to seeing more soon.

Im thinking it could be improved but i love it as is.


What to say......

this has to b the least perverted artwork you done on women....which impressed me with the faces and the design u gave them personally. i say getting stoned and lookin at this makes me wanna draw a picture of my girl. nothin sexual though.....maybe.

P.S. the gay pictures you made confused me of your sexual orientation. not making fun of you just confused me bc you make gorish hot babes, shemales...... and some dudes. and apperently RAPE


i am sencing possible lesbian vibes here. who knows, other then shad, the whte cream on the popsicle might not be vanilla filling.


Knowing the shaman he might make a fucked version of this