Reviews for "Tetris (Metal Version)"


Really liked this. Was well composed. The Tetris theme tunes are the best!

himenow responds:

Thank you :)


Sounds good to me, nice and metallic, but not so you can't hear the music in the back. Nice!

himenow responds:

Thanks bro ;D


The only reason it's a 9 is that in my opinion
it needs more drum
Great job though!


Nice, but it's already been done by Powerglove.... and heavier.

himenow responds:

Yeah, I bet it has :P
I suck at being original :(

haha that's sweet!

Pretty kick-ass, man. The only way this would be more metal is if there were crazier drums and it was about 10x faster. Other than that, though, it has a great, grungy-metal sound, and i really like the digitized melody standing alone at the beginning and end. Good stuff all around.