Reviews for "Tetris (Metal Version)"

Russian folk metal.

This reminds me russian folk music :) Realy enjoyed it.

himenow responds:

The Tetris theme was originally a Russian folk song. It still is, actually. :P

The lead. :D

The lead was simply amazing.
It had lots of style in the solo, too.
It got a bit climactic at 1:35, in a good way and that was a nice touch.

The outro was a bit too bouncy, though.
at about 1:37 the guitar joins in with the bass rhythm.
Perhaps that was the cause?

Other than that, you're amazing.

himenow responds:

The 'solo' was just a pentatonic scale xD
And yeah the riff at 1:37 sound pretty sweet, doesn't it? :P


This definitely cheered me up in a way where I forgot about my neck (I slept on the ground because we had visitors.. it's only kind.) I don't think anyone else can do that. Great job. Beautiful song!

himenow responds:

I'm sure you'll remember your neck sooner or later.


i give this song 10 stars only because it is worth more stars then they have here. it is extremly very well played out and the entire song is beautifully represented.you deserve this because you made a spin-off of one of the greatest games ever (and one of my favorites!!!) thank you, man!!!


Overall good track!