Reviews for "Tetris (Metal Version)"


reminded me of some music i heard on an animation from eddsworld, anyways, its cool, keep up the good work

himenow responds:

Haven't heard of eddsworld..
Thanks for the comment.


Well done! This was awesome! Must have taken quite a bit of time. Sure its not completely original, but its not a ripoff. But it doesn't loop well enough, like it should.

himenow responds:

It's not really supposed to be a loop :/


makes me feel like playing some tetris haha.
awesome job man.

you should try remaking some of the other songs off the orignal game also =P
if ya have let me know haha

himenow responds:

I have, the Mortal Kombat Theme, and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme. ;)

Russian folk metal.

This reminds me russian folk music :) Realy enjoyed it.

himenow responds:

The Tetris theme was originally a Russian folk song. It still is, actually. :P

wow. im shocked

i am so surprised that someone would be so disrespectful as to FUCK UP THE FUCKING TETRIS THEME MAN!!!!!!!! I LOVE DISRESPECT! YOU FUCKING ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

himenow responds: