Reviews for "Tetris (Metal Version)"

This rocks.

Good job, I love Tetris, and I love old-school video game music remixes. This is an awesome song. Freaking epic.

himenow responds:

Thanks for the comment. :D

The lead. :D

The lead was simply amazing.
It had lots of style in the solo, too.
It got a bit climactic at 1:35, in a good way and that was a nice touch.

The outro was a bit too bouncy, though.
at about 1:37 the guitar joins in with the bass rhythm.
Perhaps that was the cause?

Other than that, you're amazing.

himenow responds:

The 'solo' was just a pentatonic scale xD
And yeah the riff at 1:37 sound pretty sweet, doesn't it? :P


WATCHED %5 times in a row!!

himenow responds:

That's over 4! :O


I loved the drums, man, heavy as fuck. I generaly don't like the sound of EZDrummer, but you did a nice use of this program ; ). Nice rhythm guitar, though the leads were not as good as the rhythm. The bends was off tune, but I don't care that much ; ). Very well done ! 5'd for sure. 4.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.012) Keep on rockin' !

himenow responds:

Yeah, EZDrummer gets a bit repetitive, so you have to tweak the sound a bit, something I haven't quite gotten the hang of yet :P

Anyway, thanks for your comment. :)

Reminds me....

Lol (in a good way) it just reminds of some nerdy guy struggling through tetris at super spedd, jokes aside it's really awesome

himenow responds:

Haha, right on XD