Reviews for "Tears of Remorse"

like... ;_;

Dude... listening to this
while reading your comments...
Made me all emotional and momentarily made me totally feel what you were going for... in relation to my life.
Which I think is really cool... YOU MADE ME FEEL YOUR MUSIC 0_o Bwaahhhhhh

BlazingDragon responds:

That's what I want when I compose; for the listener to experience the emotions I poured into the song and to be able to relate to them. Music can communicate those feeling without a single word, and can do so on a far deeper level.

That's trippy to think about...Wooooaaaaaaah! o_O

Thank you very much for the review. It inspires me greatly.

And the crowd chants... More More More!!!!

I love it! And so does my little sister! It is perfect in so many ways! I love to listen to this one over and over!

BlazingDragon responds:

That's wonderful! I'm pleased to hear that you've enjoyed my song. :)

Thanks for the review,


i really need to tell you this it really got me when i was playing your song on FFR and it just made me feel sooo... werid i guess but what i really wanted to ask you if you would be kind to let me have this sheet music for my friend. this song it just is soo well writen and beutiful and the harmonys :O :P i love and i would really appreacat this it would mean alot to me. so i thank you and keep making your music :P Spanks.


BlazingDragon responds:

Unfortunately I do not have the sheet music for this piece. Sorry, and thanks for the review!


This song is simply wonderful.
So, so, so lovely.
Full of emotion and bliss.
I love it.
I hope you make more like it.

BlazingDragon responds:

I'll definitely be making more. Thank you!


it reminds me from my best friend,i still have a photo with me and he in my bedroom,he died with his mom in a night when his dad sleepwalked and turn on the stove without fire and opened the window,so,the wind interacted with gas and he he died together with his family,i will don't forget him never!he was helped me when i was sick,requested his parents to give my parents some money to pay the liability,and this is his reward?

BlazingDragon responds:

It's terrible that bad things can happen to such good people, but we've got to hold onto hope and keep moving on, right? I lost a very close friend not long ago do to a brain injury that he had. He was the best person I've ever known, and he was only 17.

Thank you for the review. I hope all the best for you.