Reviews for "Tears of Remorse"


But that doesn't mean it's not an awesome song. It's pretty damn good and I don't usually say that about classical songs.

BlazingDragon responds:

One of my goals is to draw people into the classical genre. When done right, I believe it is truly amazing. Thank you for this review,


Perfection in musical form....

beautiful piece BD....no words or criticisms are needed to be given here. Masterful composition excelling in all aspects and touches the heart with every note. Sits excellently with the thematic elements of guilt, which can indeed be worse than a general depression, regret, bitterness, frustration, despair and even the hand of death itself. I'll stop with the poetic bullshit now. Since you were kind enough to leave a great review on one of my songs, i'll try and return the favor, but I will not be able to leave much advice (which can be recieved as a positive!) i also havent reviewed in ages so I might be a bit rusty, excuse moi.

Again, really coherent and flowing moods- I love the contrast of the major and minor feel (which makes the piano and strings carry an airy sadness, rather than the dark sadness that would emit from a mostly minor based progression), strictly keeping the chord progression in line to retain the moods and not straying to far into other emotions (which could ruin the overall tone of the song)- very carefully written. The ending has some underlying feel of hope covered in a thick layer of sad chords, which again, really ties in great with the themes you provided. Construction of the piano was great, nice minimal chord progression to start the piece, afterwards reflected by the melody line, gradually building the harmony and effectively gradually building the emotions. I really liked your left hand arpeggios and their movement, and my favorite part was when the high notes came in-isn't it wondrous how some of the most effective melodies can be carried out by a few simple notes? Lots of variating dynamics, making the piano playing sound quite realisitic (midi recorded?) and showing the emotion is clearly there. Anyways- what I'm trying to get at is you did an oustanding job at composing the parts and stringing them together, not too much was packed into certain parts, the simple rhythmical themes and transitions were really just flawlessly executed. While the last note works for most pieces, resolving back to the lower registers, and ending on that note just feels a bit cliche, and moreso dark, which is really not what this piece needs IMO, but moreso a higher voiced chord that leaves on a bit of a cliffhangerish note, such as a Cmin(7) chord without the fifth and give it a sonorous open voicing (C6-Bb6, Eb7 is what I had in mind)

As for the strings, simply great too. Simple rhythmic themes yet not entirely just sequenced of whole notes, which is a common "mistake" per se. The chords move great, some wonderful voicings that back the piano perfectly. Lots of color is added to the piece, yet it does it's job as an accompaniment with not taking too much of spotlight away from the piano. The high pitched violin sections were excellent too and came in at a suitable time.

I guess from here I really have no criticism on the composition it self- maybe look into developing the string parts more, not that the piece needs it, but voice the chords through the violin 1s, violin2s, violas, and cellos. (add a contrabass for the lower bass ranges although its not needed). Probably have the violin2, viola, and cello build the harmony in the background while the first violin section can carry the melody or countermelody of the piece and play certain motifs when needed. Again, just something to look into!

i almost wish this piece could be longer, but everything built in here does a fine job of serving its purpose. Also, glad that you only included a piano and strings, that's all this piece needs to tell about it's solemn themes.

I dont care, sure no one really does either- but mixing could be better maybe? Not sure if your strings are all in one channel, but if they are not, do a bit more panning to spread them out make the strings sound a bit more realisitic and spaced. I'd put more reverb on them too, so they're more in the background while the piano remains in the front. Some chorus FX might thicken up the sound some too and not sound to synthethic if done carefully

hold on out of characters

BlazingDragon responds:

Wow...This is by far the longest review I have ever recieved. Thank you! I will edit this response to be longer once I have the time, but I don't have time at the moment. I have 30 reviews to respond to and want to save the best for last when I'm not rushed. Besides, I need to go practice the piano before I put it off too long. >_>

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I was thinking about making you the first artist on my "favorite artist" list, and this song just made my almost break my mouse clicking the buttons "Add Artist," "Download," and voting five on this song.

I absolutely love how you made such an emotional song out of just strings and a piano. They have the ability to be upbeat and cheerful one moment, and bring sorrow the next. This song didn't make me cry, but it made me stop and think... it's estimated that every second someone dies. It's sad, but we can't do anything about that. We can only mourn them for a while, then attempt to move on with life, but they never really leave our minds. This song brings a picture of someone thinking about a lost family member or friend.. it's completely beautiful.

You really have a gift, Blaze. Thanks for sharing it.


BlazingDragon responds:

Wow, thank you. That is a beautiful review.

It is sad when people die. However, death does not bother me so much. At least not my own. It happens, and I've learned to accept it. You mourn for a little, remember the happy times, and move forward.

Again, thank you for reviewing. :)


I fell in love with this song... the first time I listened to it I cried. It reminded me of my grandma... the way she used to play piano to me... the way that she was the one who took care of me when my parents died... I love this song because it brought back good memories of happier times, love and loss and the tears I've shed over the years. Everyone who has heard this song would agree, you are brilliant.

BlazingDragon responds:

I'm so happy that this song was able to bring you fond memories.

I just found out that my closest and only remaining grandparent (grandma) may have less than a year to live. It's tough having a loved one go...But looking back and appreciating the past can be refreshing once in a while so long as we turn our eyes back to the future.

Thank you for the kind review!

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reminds me of my dog, happy. I was so little when I got him, so it was love at first shight. one day I got home from preschool and he had ran away. ten days later my dad brought him home...dead. He was coming home when a car ran himover and didn't even stop to look and see if he had an owner.Oh, andrei2, your friend already had a reward: your friendship. I can telll you that that was rewarding enough for him, and that's why he did all those nice things, and for everyone out there, we should enjoy the things we have now before it's too late, cause if we don't, we'll regret it later on in are lives.


BlazingDragon responds:

I have been bitter towards my best friend for the last few weeks because of some hurtful things that she did. Now, it is time for me to look past that and enjoy our friendship while it is here. Thanks for encouraging me to see that.