Reviews for "Tears of Remorse"


You really expressed sadness in this audio submission here. I also think on a personal note that I might be able to use this in a series that I might have out in about a year or so on newgrounds so if you don't mind I may bookmark this and use it. Of course you get credit and everything. Great job on this song man.


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BlazingDragon responds:

Go ahead and use it if you'd like. Send me the link if you ever end up finishing it!

Thanks for the review,

Truely Amazing!

I will definitly have to use some of your great music in my flashes I will make after Christmas. Im thinking that this song will represent the ending of the final battle of my created hero. After he sacrified himself to purify the Earth. Nice peice of work.

BlazingDragon responds:

I would greatly appreciate that. I love to hear my songs in flash, as it gives me an idea of how it inspires other people and their creative process. Thank you for reviewing!

beautiful. just beautiful.

Seriously. This song brought me to tears. I love all your songs, and after listening to and downloading them all, i decided to finally comment. =) keep up the great work! You're a great artist. I love your work. It's so emotional and it means something. 5/5 10/10 =)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you so much! That really makes me happy. :)

No dissapointment...

If you've seen the other two reviews I've written I'll put them in order now: First Sadness and Sorrow v2, then Bittersweet Memory, and now this.

In Bittersweet's I said I was hoping the next piece of your work I listen to would be enlightening... and I come no where near close to dissapointment.

I read the description and it was like a knife twisting in my heart. I've got a lot I am guilty for. A lot of bad decisions I've made that are really hurting me now. And this song really does bring those out, re-opens those wounds that I haven't really been able to heal.

I'm very glad you go for that too. You don't just write music to bring out those feelings and emotions we "want" to feel, you bring out the ones we NEED to feel. Those demons we need to face and those past moments we'd rather forget. You understand that we need both the good AND bad in our lives to move forward. By focusing on just one or the other we get stuck in the past and never look to the future.

I'll say again you do really have a powerful gift, such a power to bring out these hidden feelings from strangers using nothing more than music truly is a wonderful thing.

BlazingDragon responds:

As I grow older, I increasingly find that the bitter moments in life serve to enhance the sweet ones. Without the contrast that comes from pain, joy would have no substance to it.

Composing, to me, is a means of taking my life experience and recording it in a meaningful way. Writing or drawing don't seem to have the emotional complexity that music does...Since music is how I record my life, it would be dishonest to write only giddy music. I try to be honest with myself when I compose, and this music is what results.

From a listening perspective, hearing sad music serves as catharsis. It allows us to freely open up and experience tough emotions that we normally close ourselves off to or attempt to bottle up. I think that is why it is so powerful; it allows us to tap into a part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible in an otherwise fast-paced world of people wearing masks. Ultimately, this kind of music can serve to make us feel more alive and at peace through the emotional release it provides.

Thank you so much for the insightful review and for your wonderful support. It means a lot to me. :)

i agree

i agree with super muffin man it brings back very sad memories from long ago that still makes you want to cry forever sadist song iv heard for a while nice song dude

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you so much!