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Reviews for "Mario World castle HEAVY !!"

good but

you kid of ruind the song with the sudden heavy metal thing

this is sick

the hole thign is perfect the guitar is amazing

Awesome double bass drum O_O! (Quite backgrounded)

"Backgrounded" I mean, you don't hear much but it's loud enough. The speed is really sick! That can be called almost "Death Metal"! It's only my opinion... but for me it's look very deadly!

You put your own style and that very insane. That really nice to see someone show himself into music. That's why I love music. You can do whatever you want in a song. And a lot of people love your meaning, then you can say to yourself... "Hey, I'm not born for nothing...!"

I hope I can found some more good shit like this! This one is so kickass! I'll put it on my top 1 of Favs Music!

Rock on dude! \m/(>_<)\m/


i think dragon force stole the basis for all their songs from this one!

Holy Cra....P......

Sounds like it could even bee= in a New game of super mario. This is a Jaw Dropping song if your one of those hardocre mario fans!

I give you 5/5 Supa Mushroms
and 10/10 Supa Star Rating!~

(Dont be giving dem musshrooms to Yoshi, or it might freak out halluccinate, thinks it see s a monsted, then jumps of a Cliff.....)

I leave you with 4 words.....

EPICLY AWESOME SONG DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!