Reviews for "Chrono's Trigger"

I didint like it

The only thing that i really found funny was how they talked also it was too short

I have some sincere complaints...

Okay, first off it was too short, and I'm sure you know that. Second off, you need to make a little better use of the sprites. You could have made Chrono jump and attack her like in the game. Also, if you are making the sprites bigger, for GODS SAKE make them a multiple of 100!! Then they won't get so distorted... seriously folks, didn't you take geomitry?? Anyways, I liked the gangstah dialog, but I really wanted to see Chrono fight the robot... (forgot his name) and maybe you should have had someone else come in to talk to Chrono, maybe Frog or Lucca? Anyways, keep it up.


Not funny! Thats all I have to say!

One word---CRAP!

i watched this movie thinking that it would be cool because that stupid robot would die. i left it with disgust of the stupidity and crappiness of it.

This Really Bothers Me

I love crono trigger and you made it look like a joke. That really Bothered me and 2 of the characters I like in the game the most so I think this should be blammed!!! ANIME IS THE BEST!!