Reviews for "Chrono's Trigger"

Change his name to Crono.

So long as you're going to change Gato's name to make it right, change Crono's name, too. There's no H in it. Chrono Trigger characters can only have five letters in their names. Everyone knows that.

All I can say is "WTF?"

Is it just me or did this movie suck pretty badly? I've cleared the game and I loved it, but this just didn't really light my fire.

not funny

its a boring not funny video


and he never spelled Chrono wrong


I'm really not sure what's more wrong...
the dialog (my god! Why do thwy speack so!), the Random Murder, the fact that Magus summoned, or the fact that Crono was scared of Gato. Oh well, it's good to see someoe dealing with their problems in a healthy manner, rather thatn taking out whatever horrible impulses caused this on the rest of us.