Reviews for "Chrono's Trigger"


Chrono as a PIMP?, now that's just messed up

Call this ghetto trigger, not very funny!

THis flash shoudl have been titled ghetto trigger for the use of ebonics in this flash. THe chrono trigger characters may talk funny with old enlgish, caveman words, abnd the like but they don;t talk like thugs from the streets.

In edition This flash was not funny. I did however like the m,usic and animation just try to speak english and plan your stories better. Hav ea friend write you some dialogue. That's to the author. Adnd to the veiwers: This falsh suckls great animation an dmusic direct form the videogame but horrible grammar and speech mistakes and spelling. Watch something else.


I always enjoy good Chrono Trigger parodies, considering how great the game was, but this was more confusing than entertaining. I guess a Ghetto CT Parody is better than none at all. . . or is it?


Hm...I don't, as such, understand the point or the nessecity of it... but I'll give a 7 because Chrono talking trash is funny.

it was funny

i like the end but it was to short ....