Reviews for "Chrono's Trigger"


well that was ok but... i never played the game..
probably befor my time but i do think it was a bit pointless

Funny, But Un-nessecary

nothing behind that piece of crap, interesting way of doing it but it was pointless.

i just love chrono musik but that suked!!

never do that again , im a fan of the game and you destroyed it, if youre gonna make a movie make one that won't mock chrono trigger, even if that's a joke...


dude, i like chrono triggen, next time you make a mocary or it, at least do a half assed job of it....i did like the fact you killed marle though.....never liked her

nothing special

hmm, unoriginal is the first that comes to mind. It has nothing to do with chrono trigger. Also, the plot could've been done using sonic, amy, knuckles, and robotnik sprites, and almost left the script untouched (besides gato's name.) Further more, it's rather idiotic and lame. If it's not wasted talent, it's wasted space.