Reviews for "Chrono's Trigger"


Ehhh... It could be better yo'.


The text was fast but, otherwise it was good.


This is a pretty good flash, not thebest but definately not the worst i've ever seen, but i would like to point out the a common mistake when it comes to the main characters name, it is not crono it is in fat chrono, if you look at the at chrono in the title in japanese and compare it to his name is japanese there are in fact one and the same, the only reason you can't put the "h" in there is because you only needed 5 letter slots for the japanese name for him


it wasn't cool really, but here is a tip, "make it longer and understandable"

pretty cool

Its pretty funny but short and the game may be called "Chrono Trigger" but the main characters name is "crono" (i made that mistake when i first played it).