Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

Great movie

This is a cool game, which is helped by its small size so it loads quickly. I like its soundtrack which rocks and the fact that you can kill all three of those annoying.... anyway it is really cool and deserves more recognition than it gets


who doesn't wan't to just bash their heads in or shoot em up and make an omelet with the togeprick

Fuckin funniest shit ever man

that was the funniest shit i ever saw. the guy b4 me said 'why does he scream about his elbow when you shoot his head' he isn't really screamin bout his elbow aye, he's just screamin like a bitch. you should make more of these. but have the targets go away after you kill the person

cool minigame

loved it, fun for a while like a minigame should be, i liked it but, people have different oppinions so just play it to try it but dont winge at me if you dont like it and i said it was good, k?
so i guess ill go play combat instinct again

ha ha ha

that got my agreesion out:)