Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"


haha i luv mindless shit like this. i like the noises they made when u shoot them it was hilarious. i like dumb games where u just kill something u hate, and actually do it, not just click buttons.

Riiiiight. . .

Um, ok. Pokemon was bad, we get it. we also got the fact that you dont like it. K? Good.

i liked killing ash

when stared to shoot zoobat my computer almost crashed cuse i liked shootet him about 30 times

There is no god...

Obviously our favourite author has been kidnapped. This is evident through the evident half-assedness of his anti-pokemon mations. I believe he is being held captive by the ninja turtles, ill need volunteers to help bring him back!

funny as f**k

funny as and a great stress buster
great game