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Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

Kill the bastards

A really good flash, I must admit I like this more than most flash movies. It's violent, it's bloody, and it makes me happy cuz I get to shoot pokemon in the face. Good job Mr. McFrettN. This stands in the hall of fame, like almost all of your submissions, Brutality, and Combat Instinct series especially.

Thank you.

Graphcs were awesome. I liked the style and the sound was crips. The violence and blood were awesome and you thought of great places to shoot em. It was freaking hilarious.

Thank you. Not only did I get my anger for the day out, I also expressed my anger twoards Pokemon. All my base are belong to you.

hmmmm not bad i enjoyed it

its ok not bad though but if you like to kill them its cool but seruiosly its cool so like give it a chance on this i like it

Well that sucked.

Click on pasted images of Brock, Misty, Ash and then Zubat, Charmander and Togepi, pointless what a load of shit, it was stupid as well if you shot there entire bodies away their heads just floated.

I'm pleased to see that you submit quality flash to the portal nowadays rather than crap flash like this. You sure as hell ahve come a long way as a flash author.


Short But Fun!And Should Make a Other Like Ya Kill That Pro Oak Guy Or That New Dum Bitch May and Her dum Brother Max lol or Kill Pokemon all Like i Dunno use to be 150 nows theres like a million!