Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

Great Pokemon Flash

I love this because I can finally kill thoughs dumb ****s! Great flash and I liked that you could kill 3 pokemon and the trainers! Great idea!

Perfect F***in' ten baby

that kicked so much ass! I hate pokemon and that makes me happy to brutally murder those losers like die you stoopid trainers. HA HA HA HAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so totally sweet and make like a bazzilion more on other annoying anime shows OR Power Rangers that would kick ass


What i like is that you they scream unlike most flashes.
And you can shoot a lot of them so coooool

Kill the bastards

A really good flash, I must admit I like this more than most flash movies. It's violent, it's bloody, and it makes me happy cuz I get to shoot pokemon in the face. Good job Mr. McFrettN. This stands in the hall of fame, like almost all of your submissions, Brutality, and Combat Instinct series especially.

Thank you.

Graphcs were awesome. I liked the style and the sound was crips. The violence and blood were awesome and you thought of great places to shoot em. It was freaking hilarious.

Thank you. Not only did I get my anger for the day out, I also expressed my anger twoards Pokemon. All my base are belong to you.