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Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
One of the better Pokemon killing games. The graphics weren't bad, I liked the blood and gore you drew. Also, sound effects were very powerful. I liked how sometimes Pokemon poked out of nowhere and you could shoot them too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Still a bit boring, as all of these are, but better than most.

errr um its not great butt ok

this game is shit but its tight because thoose fuckers needed that if you shot charmander he would say dammit but god die you ugly bag of fucks id give it a 8


I KILLED THEM ALL!(wheres pikachu?!)

LOL nice shrieks of pain...very nice

i enjoyed killing charmander....lol i liked it

That was strangely humorous.

That was actually pretty freakin' fun. By the way, nice touch with the horrific shrills of pain.