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Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

This is the kind of pokemon game i like

See now
I've play a whole bunch of pokemon games, But it's made By little kids and sh*t.
This is the true way to kill pokemon characters.

Too gruesome for me

A very twisted game. I will give the creator credit for the satisfying sounds and good graphics, but I find it even more disturbing than "Pikachu Gets It!" I guess I just don't get many kicks out of blowing off cartoon characters' heads and limbs in showers of blood to hear them scream in pain.

A nice, fun, pokemon trainer lineup. Lock & load!

A very fun experience, blastin' the f*ck out pokemon trainers. But wait!!
There's an added bonus - blast 'em in the right place, and pokemon come out
to play with you and your gun. You get to blast the f*ck out of them too! isn't
this fun??!!