Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

Thats it?!?!?!

Way to easy. At least add some levels.


Well now you've redemed yourself from that horrible die pikachu thing you did. This is MUCH better! Now we get to shoot them!! And it's even better with the multiple target areas! Good Job!


This game is some of the funniest stuff I have ever played!
But why does he scream about his elbow when you shoot his head, it sounds like it, but maybe he isnt, it's hard to tell.
It would be better if the targets went away after you kill the person, but either way, you get my 5/5. haha, nice job, nice filesize too!

sick and twistered... Ruthless... but I like it

well, what can I say, they do suck and deserve to die, slowly... at everyones hands, you have made a great thingy,

That was okay but needs more

You should have more torture like the girl being naked or leaving a corpse to stomp on, or better yet pounding their skulls in with your fists, just blowing them to hell with guns is nothing new.