Reviews for "Die Trainer Die!"

Fun for a few seconds blasting

As a quick stressbuster, which I'm guessing is what you had in mind when making this, it's very good. I like the way different pokemon come out as you're shooting.

The blood was pretty... I guess

I guess this one of your off days; tho I liked the blood and sound effects.

It was quite amusing turning that egg-like pokemon into a fried egg. Strange.

This was terrible

Unlike some of your other movies and games, this sucked!

It had no purpose, and when you destroy the legs, the body just hangs in midair. I mean, this had no potential to start with, just sort of a "i hate this look at my crappy game" but come on!

and i think we ALL know that pokeman...mon? is shitty and lame. We have known for years, and somehow i don't think this game didn't help millions of children relize that fact.

Kinda nice

Kinda nice, its allways good to get that aggression out, but still i prefer Half life 2 for that :D
Anyway, I HATE CHARMANDER, and i just shot him, so ill be happy for a day or 2 XD

btw: its far from as good as ur new CI: Unregulated.. That sh*t rox!!

die die die die die

i have been waiting to do that ever since they made more than 150 pokemon