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Reviews for "EggFiles"

looked good

if it was an intro for a game its good if it wasnt then the ending sucked but good job eather way

Nice animation and sound effects

For an intro into a game, this did the job well. I'm guessing that it's about a chicken fighting against aliens?

Anyway, the alien animations and their epressions were top-notch. The chickens were good, also. I really liked the sound effects, and thought they fit the "mood" of the animation. I especially liked the part where the "head" alien is rallying the troops.

Also, in the scene with the spaceships descending to the chicken planet (was it Earth?), the planet was very pleasing to the eye.

That was awsome

I gave it a 5. Man that movie it tight. hope thers a part2.


it wasnt that good. it was enyoable, but not good


but didnt appeal to me.