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Reviews for "EggFiles"


OMBSFG!!! This r0x0rz!! Man ur the coolest and u have alot of talent in ur flash anaimations. I hope i didnt piss u off in the forums mind but well anyone that is a big part of NG is really cool to me.

yeah, egg files?

sequel? plz? any1?


I.... dun really get it the grapchics and sound r ok but it didnt make any sence.... anywayz keep up to get better work

Looks good..

Yes i see it now.. you are the one... err i mean.. you draw very good + a good animator..
So i cant wait for some more to come out

I did'nt like it

I did not like it because: IT WAS VERY BORING. This is a preveiw right. THIS SUCKS!