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Reviews for "EggFiles"


So this was cool with aliens and such, the screen size seemes like it could be much larger or something but the animation itself was pretty good and some funny looking characters aswell, so notbad at all here I hope you make more simular stuff like this some day

the view screen could be larger


This got Daily Feature? I don't think it's that good. Well, it's certainly fine for what it is. Your drawings are so funny. It's vaguely like "Rick And Morty". Well, that wouldn't come out until a very long time.

This was still interesting. Oh, it was a preview for a game. That makes more sense. It's fine for something quick. Well, most people like it more.

It's the plot Duke Nuken stole for their 2011 game.

Only their's sucked 'eggs'.

:7 -bawk

Ever plan on making another one?

Kinda remind's me of Little chicken, but better. Kinda also feels like Crash Bandicoot too [The aliens] cool artwork.

wow look at the distance in the reviews

yea it was ok but it seemd dry