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Reviews for "Battlefield 1942 Metalized"


bad ass

CWN responds:


I like this...

The sound makes me happy...

CWN responds:


Woah there buddy

Talk about being tuned to like Drop C and playing open notes. You need more shredding across various octaves and do a bit less of the low heavy metal playing, it's like listening to a bass on distortion but with even less note clearity.

CWN responds:

Um, It's drop A Tuning on a 7 String guitar.

Bad ass

Pretty awesome take on the battlefield 1942 theme song. Definitely sets the mood for a battle, hehe.

CWN responds:



well it was ok..... it was a bit to long tho.... id say a pretty goot song is 2-3.5 mins probably, not to short but not so long that we lose interest.

CWN responds:

Well I'm sorry you have such a short attention span. I've never heard anyone measuring the quality of a song by the length...
Anyhow, the original song is a lot longer, this is already a shortened version of it.
So... :P