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Reviews for "Battlefield 1942 Metalized"


A brutal take on a classic theme! Good job.

CWN responds:

Thanks man!

*Head Bang*

I loved Battlefield 1942, but that isn't why I love this song. It's just cool.

Some parts didn't quite feel like they were timed right, but otherwise a amazing song.

CWN responds:


Never really...

played 1942, so I don't really know the original but I guess that's not a big deal after all. This one's pretty nice. A bit unbalanced though. The leads drown a little too much in the actual mix for my taste and the drums could have been up more as well. With a little more work, it would be perfect.

Though, it's still nice to listen to so I'm giving a thumbs up for good job and a 5/5!

Reicht doch...oder? ;D

CWN responds:

Joah, hatte ehrlich gesagt keinen Bock mehr auf diesen Song... Hab den nur zwischendurch gemacht um von der normalen Schiene mal etwas abzuweichen.
Naja, vielleicht finde ich irgendwann in der Zukunft mal Inspiration das Liedchen abzumischen.


I remember playing Battlefield and liking this song. just like the original it gets a bit repeated\tiring. but great job it at metalizing it anyway =P

CWN responds:

Yeah, the repeating main riff gets really annoying, that's why I lost interest in this project so quickly. Meh
Thx for the review!

Takes me back.

Sounds really like battlefield's 1942 intro, only metallized. Say, you made this from scratch? Its really good too.

CWN responds:

Yup. Just made it by listening to the original.