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Reviews for "Battlefield 1942 Metalized"

It's good.

However, it could be better :P But I really have to applaud you, Battlefield 1942's theme... isn't exactly the easiest one to turn into a good metal song :P

At the intro I felt it missed something that would take you with the music and lead you on, but I think something like that finally appeared around 1:12, at the fast part. I really liked that one. And it continued to be good for a long while then :P Technically speaking, I think the drums should have been a bit louder, would have given a more intense feeling.

It's a good metal cover, but maybe not the best kind of approach. 9/10 and a five ( 4.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.011) ).

CWN responds:

I know what you mean.
I was really enthusiastic about it at the beginning... after recording some of it, it started to REALLY piss me off... so.. um, this is actually an unfinished version, i don't think I'll ever make a final version lol

LOVE IT (but the guitar gets just a little bit...)

guitar gets a little bit annoying at a point tho AWESOME TOO


tight metlaized ver of it

CWN responds:



I used to play 1942 24/7, and I liked the intro very much... And this song is a great cover, keep up the good work!

CWN responds:

Thanks buddy!
Glad you liked it!

Awesome !

This blew me away, bro. wow ... I'm impressed. My favorites part was at 1:53 with the Ask/Answer and at 2:28. The clean tone was awesome. Jazzy : ). As always, the distorted guitar was extremely shredded ... and I love it ! The only thing I didn't really like is the EZD snare ... it rapes my ears lol.

Fived, Faved. \m/

Current Score

4.30 / 5.00 (+ 0.033)

CWN responds:

Yeah... I couldn't be bothered adding an AD snare and actually investing more work in this song... it was sort of slowing me down. I'm quite unhappy with this piece of garbage actually lol
but glad you likes it man!