Reviews for "_Mad_"

90`s pure really grunge...

its remind me that time... do more!!! hell ....

gothicawolf responds:

If you want more then check out our other stuff. Thanks for the review.


that shocked me yours is a lot better than alot of the songs on here that was quite a shock well done

gothicawolf responds:

Thanks a lot, we try to be different from the constant techno you hear these days

Despite the other reviews...

This certainly isn't worse then what's on the radio these days.
Quite a bit better then most of it, in fact.

Idon't see what everyones problem is...

Everyone is complaining that they can't understand the words, but look at Nirvana, same thing their.
I like this guys voice, it would sound wrong playing any other style.

I agree

Nevian has a great sense of review, I agree with him.