Reviews for "_Mad_"

Blur blah blur

REALLY liked this, very blur. Dynamics are great, I like your voice and it's very catchy.

My ears are calling for a some tastier production though. If you can send me the mutlitrack I will remix this for you

gothicawolf responds:

Thanks for the review. The studio we went to was kinda sucky so that explains the production and our gear that we were using was old and falling apart lol. Thanks a lot.



dude i love the voice.. omg.. i wanna hear more.. good shit

gothicawolf responds:

Thanks this is Punkboyben (the singer of this band) It means a lot to me. Thanks.

om sorry but what is this?

but some advice. make it better, longer, don't yell so much. with all do respect it makes you sound emo. no yelling or screeming

gothicawolf responds:

Hmm, submitted in the grunge section, yelled in a grunge fashion...Sounds emo? I'm sorry dear sir but i do believe you haven't a fucking clue of what you're on about.


The song is pretty good, but the drums are simply too amateur, in my opinion, and too repetitive. If it was submitted by your band, I would definitely give a higher rating for the band's effort. But you say you're the drummer, so that's my rating.
Again, though, good effort as a group.

gothicawolf responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah the repetition is a little problem, check out our other stuff which hopefully you'll find less amateur.


that shocked me yours is a lot better than alot of the songs on here that was quite a shock well done

gothicawolf responds:

Thanks a lot, we try to be different from the constant techno you hear these days